FedEx Customer Service Phone Numbers & Email

Do you want to contact FedEx Customer Service and you have been searching FedEx customer service phone number or email address based on your location? If yes then this article is for you as we have provided all the FedEx Customer Service Phone Numbers & Email in all their locations. Read below to find out your own location.

FedEx is a shipping company that works with small and large businesses to accommodate shipping needs and help businesses control shipping and tracking expenses. There are various divisions of FedEx, including FedEx Office and FedEx Freight. The information we’ve provided is associated with the FedEx shipping company proper, not the subsidiaries functioning under the main company.

FedEx Customer Service Phone Numbers & Email

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

FedEx provides one main phone number for customer service on the customer support page, but there are multiple numbers customers and businesses can use to contact FedEx customer service.

  • Customer Service (US): 1-800-463-3339
  • Customer Service (US International): 1-800-247-4747
  • TDD (US): 1-800-238-4461
  • TDD Relay Desk (US): 1-800-464-0709
  • Billing (US): 1-800-622-1147
  • Cargo Customer Service: 1-800-463-3339 or 1-877-229-4766 (Fax)
  • Express Freight (US): 1-800-332-0807

Contact phone numbers and information are also available for international divisions of the FedEx company.

FedEx Mailing Address

FedEx offers multiple mailing addresses depending on the division of the company you need to contact.

FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways
Module H3
Department 4634
Memphis, TN 38116

Customer Service Operations
3885 Airways Blvd.
Module J – 2nd Floor
Memphis, TN 38116

FedEx Cargo Claims Dept.
P.O. Box 256
Pittsburgh, PA 15230

FedEx Official Website

You can visit the official website for FedEx at The website provides customers with tracking information, online account access and claims information. You can even choose to ship a letter, package or box from your home and schedule a pickup when you’re ready to ship.

If you need to access one of the other divisions of FedEx, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the division you need. Click the link provided and you’ll be taken to the official website for the FedEx division.

FedEx Customer Service Email

FedEx does not publish an email address for the customer service team, but that is common. Companies the size of FedEx cannot handle individual emails being sent to the same address so they provide online contact us forms to route the customer service communication.

Companies like FedEx are also available on Facebook and Twitter for near instant communication with the customer care team.

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