Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2018 / 2019 – – Apply Now

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is the air arm of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is one of the largest in Africa, consisting of about 10,000 personnel and aircraft including 12 Chinese Chengdu F-7s, and 11 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets, armed helicopters, and military transport aircraft.

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2018 / 2019 –


1.         ENGINEERING

a.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Software Engineering.

b.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Network Engineering.

c.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Computer Engineering.

d.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

e.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Mechanical Engineering.

f.          BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Chemical Engineering.

g.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Satellite Communication Engineering.

i.          BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Satellite Control Engineering.

j.          BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Satellite Ground Station Engineering.

k.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Telecommunication Engineering.

l.          BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering.

2.         MEDICAL

a.         MBBS/ BDS.

b.         BSc Nursing.

c.         B Pharmacy.

d.         BMLS/AMLS.

e.         BSc  Physiotherapy.

f.          BSc/HND Dental Therapy.

g.         BSc/HND Health Information Management.

h.         D Optometry.

i.          BSC/HND Biomedical Engineering.

j.          BSc Clinical Psychology.

k.         BSc Radiography.

l.          BSc/HND Environmental Health.

m.        HND Nutrition and Dietetics.


a.         Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in General Surgery.

b.         Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Cardiothorasic Surgery.

c.         Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Orthopaedics Surgery.

d.         Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Ophthalmology.

e.         Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Neurosurgery.

f.          Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Internal Medicine.

g.         Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Paediatrics.

h.         Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

i.          Fellow of West Africa/National Postgraduate College in Anaesthesiology.

4.         VET MEDICINE

DVM Vet Medicine.

5.         ICT/SCIENCES

a.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Database/Network Administration.

b.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Web Developing.

c.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Network & Cyber Security.

d.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND IT Robotics.

e.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND GIS/Remote Sensing.

g.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Satellite Image Analyst.

h.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Data Telecommunication.

i.          BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Cartography and Statistics/Record Analyst.

6.         SPORTS

a.         BSc/HND Physical & Health,

b.         BSc/HND Health Education & Human Kinetics.


a.         BEd Biology.

b.         BEdn Physics.

c.         BEd Mathematics.

d.         BEd Chemistry.

e.         BEd French language.

f.          BEd English language.

g.         BEd Fine Arts.

i.          BEd History.

j.          BEd PE.

k.         BEd Economics.

l.          BA French language.

m.        BA German language.

n.         BA Russian language.

o.         BA Mandarin language.

p.         BA Arabic languages.


a.         BSc/BA/HND Mass Communication.

b.         BSc/BA/HND Public Relations.

c.         BSc/BA/HND Journalism.

d.         BSc/BA/HND Television and Film Production.

e.         BSc/BA/HND Music/Instrument Technology.

f.          BSc/BA/HND Accounting.

g.         BSc/BA/HND Sociology.

h.         BSc/BA/HND Criminology.

i.          BSc/BA/HND Psychology.

j.          BSc/BA/HND Economics.

k.         BSc/BA/HND Marketing.

l.          BSc/BA/HND Purchasing and Supply.

m.        BSc/BA/HND Catering.

n.         BSc/BA/HND Business Management.

o.         BSc/BEng/BTech/HND Intelligence and Security Studies.

9.         LOGISTICS

a.         BSc/BEng/MTech/HND  Architects.

b.         BSc/BEng/MTech/HND Civil Engineering.

d.         BSc/BEng/MTech/HND Estate Surveyors.

e.         BSc/BEng/MTech/HND Quantity Surveyors.

f.          BSc/BEng/MTech/HND Land Surveyors.

g.         BSc/BEng/MTech/HND Structural Engineers.

h.         BSc/BEng/MTech/HND Services Engineers.


a.         BA  Theology.

b.         BA Arabic & Islamic Studies.


a.         LLB Criminal Law.

b.         LLB Constitutional Law.

c.         LLB Procurement Law.

d.         LLB Land and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Law.


Make sure that you go through this Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2018 general information.

1.         Applicants must possess Bachelor’s Degree with second class Upper division or HND with Upper Credit.

2.         Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge Certificate or Letter of Exemption from NYSC at the time of applying for DSSC.

3.         Applicants must possess certificates of full registration with their respective statutory professional bodies in Nigeria where applicable.

4.         Male applicants must not be less than 1.66 meters tall while female applicants must not be less than 1.63 meters tall.

5.         Applicants should be between 22 and 30 years by 30 September 2019 (22-35 for Consultants).  Any age declaration done earlier than 5 years to this exercise will not be acceptable.

6.         Applicants are to make a choice from the centers below for the Zonal Enlistment Exercise.

a.         Nigerian Air Force Base, Makurdi.

b.         303 MAG – Nigerian Air Force, Ilorin.

c.         Sam Ethnan Air Force Base, Ikeja – Lagos.

d.         155 Nigerian Air Force Base, Enugu.

e.         115 Special Operations Group, Nigerian Air Force, Port-Harcourt.

f.          107 Air Maritime Group, Nigerian Air Force Benin.

g.         Nigerian Air Force Base, Kawo – Kaduna.

h.         403 Flying Training School, Kano.

i.          105 Composite Group Nigerian Air Force Base, Maiduguri.

j.          209 Quick Response Group, Ipetu-Ijesha.

k.         119 Forward Operation Base Mabera, Sokoto.

l.          103 Strike Group, Nigerian Air Force, Yola.

m.        451 Nigerian Air Force Station, Jos.

n.         251 Nigerian Air Force Base, Bauchi.

o.         351 Nigerian Air Force Base, Minna.

7.         NAF online Registration and all other enlistment processes are free of charge and no payment should be made at any point throughout the Exercise.

8.         Zonal Enlistment Exercise will hold from 7 – 21 December 2018.

9.       Shortlisted Applicants are to bring the following to the Zonal Enlistment Centers:

a.         Birth Certificate

b.         Originals of Education Certificates and NYSC Discharge Certificate

c.         Letter of Attestation of Good Character

d.         Attestation of Parent/Guardian Consent Form

e.         Attestation of Local Government Area Form

f.          Acknowledgment Card

g.         Writing Materials (for aptitude test).

Applicants are warned against giving false information as information supplied will be used to evaluate your suitability for shortlisting at any particular stage.  Any false information discovered at any stage will lead to disqualification of the applicant.

10.       Applicants are to print out the underlisted documents after completion of application online:

a.         Acknowledgment Card

b.         Attestation Form

c.         Local Government Indigeneship Form.

d.         Attestation Form for Serving Military Personnel (To be filled by Unit Commander).

11.       Applicant’s local Government attestation form must be signed by a military officer who hails from the state of the applicant and not below the rank of Wing Commander or equivalent in the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy, and Police Officer of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police and above. Local Government Chairman/Secretary, Magistrates and Principals of government secondary schools from applicants’ state of origin can also sign the attestation forms.

12.       Additionally, applicants are to bring with them Local Government Indigeneship certificate from their Local Government.

13.       Photocopies of all documents and credentials will be collected from applicants after screening during the Zonal Enlistment Exercise and Interview.

Technical Support:

For Technical Support, please call: 0906414553308043440802 and 09055840142


All phone lines are available between 8:30AM and 5:30PM

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2018 Application Portal Opens 19th October, 2018

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2018 Application Deadline 16th November, 2018.

Note the following

  • Zonal Enlistment Exercise will hold from 7-21 December 2018.
  • Multiple online application will be disqualified.
  • NAF online Registration and all other enlistment processes are free of charge and no payment should be made at any point throughout the Exercise.
  • The Attestation Form must be accompanied by the passport photograph of the signee. The signee is also to endorse his name and signature on the back of his passport photograph and that of the applicant.
  • For further information see the instruction page on the website or call the following support lines: 09064145533, 08043440802 and 09055840142 or e-mail:

How to Apply for Nigerian Airforce Recruitment 2018 / 2019

The guide below is the guide that all persons interested for the 2018 / 2019 in Nigerian Air Force Airmen/Airwomen Recruitment should follow to apply.

1. Interested applicants are to apply free of charge online at

2. Applicants are to apply once, multiple online application will be disqualified.

Click in the url above and follow the instructions that will be given to you carefully for a successful application.

If you have any more questions as regards to Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2018, please do not hesitate to make use of the comment box below and let us know.

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